Relaxation to appreciate the remarkable environment, suitable for meditation.
alone on the beach evening rowing boat tinaoog beach sea like a pond hammock and sea


Snorkelling excursions to enjoy the beauty of the corals, as well as the diversity of sea life including multi-coloured fish, crustaceans, morays, turtles, and dolphins.
green turtle soft coral coral reef and colored fish Pterois coral reef and colored fish snorkelling Beautiful colors on the reef

Island hopping

Island hopping to discover the authentic fishing villages of Alad and Lugbung, the magnificent beaches of Cobrador island, and Bonbon beach on Romblon island.
Cobrador Beach diving board in Cobrador Our boats Bonbon Beach Od and me the boat to the front of the house

Romblon Diving

Diving with our partner Sonofareef  : Romblon offers a huge diversity of exceptional sites (the Blue Hole only 30 mins away) which makes it a wonderful place to dive whether you are a novice or a seasoned diver. Moreover, the island is known worldwide for its sites popular with macro lovers.(All pictures were taken in front of the house reef)
Melibe Colemani Solenostomus paradoxus Synanceia verrucosa Nembrotha kubaryana Ecsenius bimaculatus Frog fish nudibranch Crabe porcelaine Filogranella elatensis Peacock-tail anemone shrimp Synanceia verrucosa mantis shrimp